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Alicia Edwards Website Design
Alicia Edwards is an experienced Website Builder who understands that websites are an important asset to small businesses and are key for connecting with customers. 
Alicia is a dietitian and has worked in the healthcare, aged care and disability sectors over the last 25 years.  She brings her expertise in these industries into developing effective websites that also look good. 
Alicia is fully across the essentials of digital marketing for small businesses and the world of online business.
As one of the Owners of That Digital Stuff, Alicia is focused on providing a fully personalised and professional service resulting in a high quality website.  Client success is the key result that Alicia is focused on at all times!
Alicia’s strengths include attention to detail and clear communication and she strives to ensure that clients understand at all times what services they are receiving.


That Digital Stuff Paul Edwards

Paul Edwards also of Paul Edwards Consulting Services brings a wealth of  business and government experience to That Digital Stuff and is also formally qualified in change and strategic management.

Paul has worked in the traffic and road safety industry for over 20 years. He has an extensive understanding of the needs of local governments and private enterprise in this area. 

In addition as a graduate of the ebusiness institute Paul has developed a strong technical background in building and developing websites that will support your business to grow to that next level and beyond.  
Paul passionately believes That Digital Stuff can effectively add value to small businesses through building and supporting  transformational websites.  He also has a passion for providing ongoing strategic support to businesses as they grow and the change that accompanies their business growth .